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The Ready to Go Professional Survey and Valuation Service

Do I really need a survey?

A simple question, but one that needs careful thought and consideration. Buying a property is probably going to be the most expensive purchase in your lifetime.

Investing in a property survey ensures that you make that purchase well informed and with your eyes wide open. As the old saying goes ‘look before you leap’

You could take a chance or rely on the advice of your friends in the pub, but it will be your money and your headache to sort out any unexpected bills. In fact the well informed and organisations such as Which? And the Council of Mortgage Lenders all point their advice to obtaining a proper survey carried out by a qualified expert.

Surely the bank or building society surveyor will take care of that?

The lending institutions carry out mortgage valuations. These reports are prepared for the lender and not you and are used to determine that the property is suitable security for the loan you are taking out. You cannot rely on it to answer questions you may have on the condition of the property or what defects and how serious they are in the home.

What does a survey tell me then?

There are a number of different levels of survey that vary in cost and detail. The type of property you are buying normally determines which type we would recommend. As a general guide we would suggest the following:-

A RICS Homebuyer Report or Home Condition Survey (HCS)

Suitable for all property types including flats, maisonettes, terraced, semi and detached houses

These types of report are a top to toe visual inspection of the various building elements along with a reinstatement cost for insurance purposes and an assessment of the grounds and neighbourhood. The surveyor will report on each building element in an easy to follow format and advice if you require more specialist advice on for example services (wiring) damp and timber issues, asbestos and other health and safety elements. The surveyor will give each building element a rating based on their inspection

  1. No repair is currently needed. Normal maintenance should be undertaken

  2. Defects that need repairing or replacing but these are not considered serious or urgent. Normal maintenance should be undertaken

  3. Serious defect that requires urgent attention or repair

These types of surveys are carried out by professionally qualified surveyors who must maintain professional standards and competence

A full Building Survey

This type of survey is carried out by an independent RICS Chartered Surveyor and provides a more in depth report including technical advice. This type of report is more suitable than the RICS Homebuyer or HCS reports if the property is unusually built, run down or requiring renovation.

Why us?

We have a network of surveyors that provide national coverage. Local Knowledge and expertise are a vital part of providing you with sound advice. You will have the peace of mind that the surveyor we instruct on your behalf has a sound knowledge of the area you have chosen.

Give us a call and we will have you Ready to Go with a survey that suits you in no time

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